Ready to stop key jingling?

The ROSSM Key Case is crafted to provide a silent and simple solution for organizing your keys. Our innovative design simplifies your life by efficiently managing keys. No more jangling or tangles.

Our compact silhouette results from thoughtful engineering, minimizing space while ensuring easy access. It holds keys and lets you effortlessly slide out the one you need.

Imagine organized keys always at hand. Our solution eliminates fumbling and stress, saving time. Whether at home, the office, or on the go, our streamlined design keeps you in control.

Experience key organization's future with our cutting-edge design. Say goodbye to chaos and tangled keychains, embracing efficient key management. Join us in revolutionizing everyday essentials.

  • Secures 2-6 Keys
  • Easy Access C-Shape Design
  • Lightweight and Premium Materials
  • Lifetime Warranty
ROSSM KEY CASE Instructions


Use the thin edge of the Bolt Tool to unscrew the large, top screw near the open end of the Key Case.


Hold the tension plate down with your thumb and place the keys on the dowel so that they rest flatly against the compressed plate.


Place the top plate back to align with the dowel. Insert the screw back through the plate into the dowel. Tighten in place, you should not need to apply too much pressure.

You will feel clicks as the locking mechanism falls in and out of place and the screw gradually tightens and secures the plate and keys.

Do Not Over Tighten! The keys should move in and out with easy.